Currently all subject to change due to Covid-19

Day Services 


Most of our day services are held at our main centre which is in Newton Abbot

Tuesday 10:00-16:00

AM - Building community connections and investigating 'Safe-Spaces' within our local community. 

PM - Music and SafeBreaks singing and signing.

Wednesday 10:00-16:00

Cooking Club - Service users take an active part in the shopping and budgeting of the healthy food. They make lunch for themselves and everyone in the club that day. They also link up with our own allotment space and cook food that they have also harvested.

Thursday 10:00-16:00

Social Group - this regularly includes trips out that have been chosen by the individuals. When in club we link up with the local community but also do seasonal crafts etc. We are service user led so every social club is different.

Friday 10:00-16:00

Drama & creative writing with the prestigious LookBeyond Theatre Group. This tackles issues such as relationships, friendships, how we treat each other, consequences for our behaviour and how we view our disability.

Saturday 10:00-16:00

Social club - Runs every Saturday, one session is less busy and more sensory based for those individuals who prefer a quieter environment where the other Saturday can be busier and louder.

School & College Holidays 10:00-16:00

 All day groups in club open from 10:00 until 16:00 from Tuesday to Saturday. Booking Essential.