SafeBreaks Devon CIC

SafeBreaks Devon Community Interest Company (CIC) was set up in July 2019 to run alongside SafeBreaks Holidays LTD. 

Our Number is 12106234

Our CIC was started in order to help us to raise funds for our service users and this enables us to provide a more enhanced and bespoke service.  Funds raised have paid for items such as pop-up kitchens and all equipment, an allotment space, equipment and staff so that we can provide holistic sessions as well as a multi-sensory chill-out room. We are continuously thinking of fun ways to raise funds and involve our service users with this and give them choices on where they would like funds to be spent such as our new 'Pub' themed room which will be revealed to them after lock down!

Thank You

To anyone who has donated or awarded grants to SafeBreaks Devon CIC so far.

Money Boxes

Our service users have been making money boxes, taking them home, filling them with change and then bringing them back to us. 

Every penny helps!

Please ask us if would like a moneybox to make, decorate and fill.

Make a Donation

Help us to raise funds. All money raised goes towards activities, and days and personalising our services.

Summer Moon Festival

We are very lucky to be involved with the Summer Moon Festival every year. We provide childrens activities and facepainting etc and inturn Summer Moon donates towards SafeBreaks.