Welcome to Balmoral Training House

Balmoral is situated at the very end of a quiet cul-de-sac on the Buckland Estate in Newton Abbot.

We provide assisted care to clients that wish to transition to supported living and / or supported care.

Our staff manage a client centred approach which can be tailored to the individual, giving them the ability to learn all the aspects of independent living encouraging them to reach their best potential in their aim to becoming self sufficient or which ever standard they have set their goals to.

Clients learn to live in a house and discover the steps required to;

  • Go Shopping - from organising a list to money management and purchasing.
  • Cook a meal - from understanding recipes to sourcing ingredients and cooking the meal.
  • Keep a clean and tidy house - from Sweeping to Hoovering, Laundry and bed making.
  • Understanding health and safety in the home - Use of white goods, food preparation, chemical storage.

We would discuss with the client, their goals and what we would be able to provide depending on their needs and abilities or you can set up your own staff and use the house as a training house with all its facilities.

Cooking at Balmoral